PANCRYOS A/S is a startup company dedicated to developing stem cell therapy for diabetes patients. Integrated in the logo is the nordic rune-letter for D. The rune also means ‘dawn’ or ‘breakthrough’. 
Logodesign, visual identity, website by Sigrun.nu

CHANGES – TEXTS ABOUT DAVID BOWIE. The editors of this book requested a group of people to share their special ‘Bowie moment’. I was asked to contribute, I presume, because they had seen me pour my heart out online. And before they knew, I had convinced them to let me be in charge of the design and picture editing as well. I love you David. Editors-in-chief: Klaus Lynggaard and Henrik Queitsch. Painting: Peter Ravn.
J.F. WILLUMSEN’S MUSEUM is a local, danish museum with international ambitions. The museum is dedicated to the collection of Willumsen’s work, and I have designed numerous exhibition campains